Tips for Cycling in Hot Weather


You don’t need us to tell you it’s hot outside.  The intensity of the sun and humidity in the Chengdu Basin, surrounded west, north, east, and partially to the south by mountains, the heavy, humid air just sits and gets even heavier.  Now that we’re at the start of almost 2 months of this type of weather let‘s see how we can deal with it and keep ourselves in the saddle.

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Tour de France Sale


In honor of the world’s greatest race, we’ll be extending certain special discounts throughout the duration of the Tour de France.  The last stage is July 23, so be sure not to miss out!  Check out what’s on offer below: Read more

Rainy Season Riding


Chengdu’s summer rains have started.  Now, a lot of people thinks this makes riding more of a chore, but with the right gear and the right attitude you can keep on biking.  Here’s how.

1. Fenders

If you haven’t got them, then you’re in luck.  We have a variety of fender options that work with most bikes.  Fenders are the first step to staying dry.  Check out what we’ve got on offer:

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Friday Night Ride


School’s out for summer and everyone’s itching to get out and ride.  Despite not having the ride last week we had a dozen inquiries, people hopeful to join the FNR.  This leaves us to believe that this Friday might be a little on the extraordinary side.

So join along.  Between 7 and 8 p.m. we’ll be offering the same pre-ride specials on beer, Asahi only 2 for ¥30, as well as some delicious food from Good Good Mexican Grill.  No need to worry about trying to squeeze a meal in before making it over here.  Just head straight to Natooke and get your fill before we set out. Read more

Get It While It Lasts!

light green1

Maybe you’ve heard but we’re in the middle of a customer appreciation special.  Beyond doing a bunch of special events, we’ve also got insane discounts.

Now, a few folks have already taken us up on it and it’s an offer that’s hard to pass on.  Right now you can get 20% off any custom bike.  You heard that right.  Stop by and pick out your very own, brand new bike and get 20% off right then and there. Read more

Maintenance Workshops


Owning a bike is one thing.  Being able to readily maintain your own bike is a whole new level.  Nothing is more liberating than being able to get around freely without concern for being caught out with a mechanical helpless.

As part of our customer appreciation we’ve always organized free maintenance workshops.  This week we’ll be hosting three in a row, each with a focus on some new aspect of bicycle maintenance.  Here’s the break down. Read more

Wednesday Workshop


Next week marks the first of our free workshops for anyone interested.  Starting at 6 p.m. next Wednesday, June 28 we’ll be hosting the first of a series running through Friday.

What to expect?  Beers and brakes.  We’ll go over all the details of the differences in types of brakes, mechanics, fixing them and give you our professional insight as to keep your bike stopping fast and smooth. Read more

Custom Paint


We do custom paint and it’s on point.  For years now we’ve searched for the perfect paint job.  Whether it was factory issue or done in town it’s always been a struggle to provide a high quality paint job, both durable and beautifully finished, that could be done in a timely fashion and at a fair price.

As they say, do it right or don’t do it at all.  Natooke is now offering custom paint jobs and resprays, done in town at a price that can’t be beat.  Is your bike looking a little beaten up?  Stop in and see what it takes to have it redone. Read more

Friday Night Ride


The first ride of the official summer season is upon us.  Despite the heat, this ride never fails to live up to the chill summer vibes Chengdu’s famous for.

Before this hot ride will be a pre-party with food from Good Good Mexican Grill.  This Friday, not only can you stop by early for an ice cold beer and to “warm up” for everyone’s favorite group ride, but you can grub on some of the city’s most authentic Mexican.  Either way, the trip will not be in vain! Read more

Discounted Bikes


These completes are hanging around, waiting for that special customer to walk in and ride them away.

And for the next couple weeks, they’re marked off an additional 15%!  Despite already being priced at a huge discount, you can get even larger savings if you stop by and pick one up today.  

Don’t see quite what you’re looking forward?  Piece together a custom complete and get 20% off the cost!

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