Beijing Staff

Bike Staff

Staff-InesInes Brunn
Ines Brunn is the founder/owner of Natooke and she isn’t your average women at that! A German trick cyclist with a Master’s Degree in Physics and who grew up in the US. She has traveled far and wide all over the world performing incredible tricks on her fixie bicycle. Now she’s all grown up, has her very own shop with her own beautiful and colorful lego-like pieces for adults who she designs beautiful bikes with! Some things never change! You can check out her amazing trick bike skills at: and follow her Sina micro blog:

Henry is the manager of the local Beijing Natooke store, his welcoming personality makes you feel right at home instantly, not to mention he is there to help you with your every desire! Henry’s main focus is the customer, he is a committed and organised manager, who manages Natooke Beijing like a king. He will take all your requests and comments with importance and act on them straight away, so you the customer is always happy. Henry doesn’t mind a fancy high end bike, he rides a striking titanium mountain bicycle that catches everyone’s eye wherever he goes.

Staff-DennyChenDenny Chen
Denny Chen ‘The Cool Hipster’ of the Natooke team, he is energetic, motivated and always wears a smile on his face! If you want to learn to beat box or pop and lock Denny Chen is your go to guy! And he can even repair your bike for you! Denny Chen works the Sales and Events at Natooke. He previously organised a fun event called the Mini Fixed Gear revolution in 2012. Denny Chen can also be known as the Gangnam style extraordinaire, and is the official Natooke dance instructor. And of course he rides a fixed gear bicycle!

YetongYe Tong
Why do financial girls always look so beautiful, no wonder that she is so rigorous not only in maintaining her beauty but also in her work. Her laugh is sweet but violent like a small tiger. Like any small tiger she arrived to shake things up, changing the rhythem of the financial responsability of Natooke and has become a very thoughtful and kind little helper.

With great English and a down to earth easy going personality this is one woman to keep an eye out for! Don’t get in front of her whilst holding a badminton bat, she is dangerous! She also enjoys cycling and that is only one reason why she is now here with us at Natooke, even though she admits to never riding a fixie, it won’t be too long and we will have her on one! Freda loves designing and decorating, so I can tell that this woman would create a mean fixie to match her fabulous personality.

Staff-MasterLiuMaster Liu
Master Liu is really the master, of bikes that is. He is our Master Wheel Builder. This cool 50 year old Beijinger has 30 years experience when it comes to fixing bikes, he is the paramount of wheel builders, no one knows more about bikes then this guy and he can true almost any wheel! But that’s not all he is an excellent cook, this man is a man of many talents! But wait that’s not all he always rides a fixed gear bike with a brooks leather saddle, would you do it any other way!


Shang Song
Nicknamed “universal pine”, because he can fix even the most immovable of problems. He loves working on all things, from the decoration of houses, to fixing a small appliance. If you asked him not to work, he would immediately say no, and do it anyway. Since he joined Natooke, he took us by surprise. Making our small workshop into a clean and efficent space so it became something that we didn’t have to worry about, even the logistics work is no longer looking like a mess, indeed the world is falling down and there is no-one better to have at our side than the “universal pine”.

He was always a  mysterious figure until we cracked him open. What we found was a pure and kind-hearted guy who is one of our finest craftsmen creating first-class bicycles. He has the knack of always being able to please the customer with his hands. He loves music, electric guitar, folk rock and can speak a few English words. Absolutely reliable and no longer single!

Staff - AnnAnn
If you’re looking for a good conversation, come on over to the office and see Ann. This smart cookie has traveled all round Europe studying and exploring and can offer insight into anything from Biology to Sports. After finishing up her Masters Degree in Scotland, Ann joined the Natooke team to do Marketing and Translation. Ann’s friendly and calm demeanor makes her a great person to go to with any question. Ann writes the Natooke newsletter and content for the Natooke website in both English and Chinese and is extremely cordial and helpful to any English speakers who may call the office.

Staff-JackyChenJacky Chen
Jacky Chen was our translator and editor, where would we be without this guy (Completely lost)! He translates and edits documents for us here at Natooke for foreign brands such as Respro (UK), ABUS(Germany), Freedom (USA), Ribcap (Switzerland) and WIT Industries (Holland). He spoke fantastic English, and was super smart! Sometimes a little introverted but one of the nicest people you could come across here in China. Caution when deep thinking though, he does a lot of this!

David an original Texas man now here studying Chinese has captured the hearts of Natooke with his easy going loving personality, this is one down to earth dude! He was originally the first ‘Natooke Bicycle Messenger’ because he can ride like the wind but he has now been replaced by a machine! Called the Natooke Treecycle, but he still helps out with writing awesome newsletters or comes by when we are in need of a familiar friendly Texas face. David also shares a love for bikes just like everyone here at Natooke, but to take it even one step further David is also a rocking track bike racer!

Juggling Staff

staffbj_fede_副本Fede -“Juggletastic”
Fede is a professional juggler from Italy with a degree in marketing who has performed all over the world! Fede has been in Beijing on and off going working for NGO’s in China and other countries e.g. teaching street children in Uganda how to do some acrobatics and juggling so that they can earn their own money and get off the streets. He was here from the beginning building up and opening the Natooke shop focusing on the juggling. He of course also has a fixed gear bike that he rides even though recently he prefers riding his tall bike where he can see over all the traffic. In 2012 he had a separate small shop called Yiliao.

This american juggler came to China to study and was really an amazing discovery for the Natooke Team! He is very tall, with long arms and legs: these allow him to do unbelievable tricks, with amazing twisting movements!!! He is very good with every type of juggling equipment, especially cones, what really characterized him is the smile always fixed on his face! Gus was fundamental for Natooke: he helped us to connect and motivate the team with the perseverance and passion only a real expert has!

Lao Zhoustaffbj_lao_zhou_副本
Lao’s story it’s incredible: this Chinese man decided when he was already over 50 to start a new life as a self made juggler! You can find him in parks, or around the city, juggling with clubs or whatever he finds around him, practicing and learning by himself. That’s His role in Natooke is crucial because he helped us starting our Chinese QQ juggling group. He has won lots of awards, for example he came first at the European Juggling Convention in France! A little anecdote about Lao: his curiosity led him to try a fixed gear bike and after few weeks he realized that something was going wrong with his bike…He was riding backward!!!