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It’s best to take care of your bike regularly.  If you ride often, the more consistently you check over your bike and keep up with maintenance, the longer your equipment will last.

Here’s a few tips on things you can check often to keep your bike in prime condition:

1)  Pump your tires up.  It helps to check your tire pressure before each ride.  Making sure you’re not losing air or that your tires are fully pumped will making riding easier and less problematic.

2)  Check your brakes.  Make sure they’re grabbing your wheels effectively enough to stop you.

3)  Lube your chain.  Keeping your chain well-oiled will help your ride feel much smoother and effortless.

4)  Make sure all the nuts and bolts on your bike are good and tight.  Things loosen up over time which can put you in dangerous situations so make sure nothing on your bike is coming loose.

Most importantly, regular professional care of your bike will preserve its condition regularly.  Having your bike occasionally checked over and given a fine-tuning will make sure your bike rides like new indefinitely.

That’s why Natooke offers a membership service.  For a fee you not only get a rad member’s only t-shirt, but several check-ups over the course of the year-long membership.  Additionally you gain access to exclusive discounts on everything in the shop.

Don’t have a bike but thinking about taking the leap into bike life?  Upgrade to a gold membership and get 20% off the purchase of a complete bicycle.  That means if you buy a new bike, with the discount you can get the new bike and the membership for less than just the bike itself! Read more

Cross China Race

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Slated for June the Cross China Race starts in Shanghai and wraps up in our beloved Chengdu. With 4 checkpoints stretched across the length of China (including one final awesome homegrown checkpoint) the race covers roughly 3500 kilometers and more than enough climbing to match.

This is bound to be one awesome race. Of course, with the race concluding in Chengdu we have the high honor of receiving racers across the finish line. If you’re interested in racing go to to sign up for the newsletter to receive updates.

Registration should be announced in the next coming weeks and with limited slots it’s a good idea to keep up to date if you’re serious about joining! Read more

Friday Night Ride


Another two weeks gone.  Another two weeks closer to warmer weather.  We don’t want spoil it but this Friday is looking like it’s going to be pretty pleasant out.

Expect the same old fun with some fresh faces, or just look forward to catching up with some old FNR friends you’ve missed over the winter.  Same time, same place! Read more

Spring’s Coming


Look at this bike.  It’s yellow, like Spring flowers.  The point?  The weather’s getting warmer and there’s never a better time to get a bike than now.

Sure, you could do what everyone else does and wait until the weather is nice, but we’ll walk you through the benefits of getting a bike now and not later.

1. It’s easier to get a deal. Bike shops are not a bastion of activity in the winter.  Most people fit into the category of fair-weather friends.  This means that when the temperature drops, people stop taking interest in outdoor activities. With a long couple of quiet months behind us, we’re eager to please and get more people on bikes.

2. No one else is doing it.  Sure, Summer’s a few months away and Spring is hardly here but you’re going to want to take full advantage of it.  Waiting to get a bike until then means you’re going to be joining everyone else that had the exact idea because, ohmygod!  it’s warm out!  Warmer months are coming regardless so why not plan for it now?

3. Riding your bike earlier in the season gives you more time to work the kinks out.  Whether you’re out of shape or you’re just getting onto a new bike, getting started slow and easy is always a great idea.  This means that when those unbeatably beautiful Spring/Summer days start rolling in you’ll be in condition and have your bike adjusted just right to take full advantage.

4.  Shorter wait.  Naturally when we’re busy this ultimately means you’re likely to get caught in a queue.  Get what you want when you want and skip the line by coming in today.

Read more

Hare Hunt Ride


Join us this Saturday for a rip around town.  After a long holiday I’m sure your legs are itching to get moving.

Meet up at Natooke at 7:00pm to set out.  We’ll likely do about 20-30 kilometers depending on how turned around we get.  Expect an intermediate pace (not FNR slow nor hardcore ride fast).


Color of Love (50% off!)


Valentine’s Day is coming and you may be worrying what to get your significant other.  Well, here’s an idea!

Over the weekend and until February 15 we’ll be offering 50% off all red frames and forks.  


Not sure how a red bike would look?  Check out these photos of this beautiful bike we just built!


Pair it with the gift that keeps giving.  Get your partner a Natooke membership and insure their bike is in perfect riding order for the next year!

Rocky Road Complete

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.48.32 PM

Although most people dream of having a complete fleet of bicycles to choose from, most of us don’t have the luxury of space.  We’re big fans of that one perfect bike, designed to be suitable for any application.  Something that works as a commuter, a tourer, an explorer or your go to kilometre crunching machine.

With this in mind we designed our Rocky Road complete.  Built around our versatile aluminum Rocky Road frame with steel forks, you can make one of two choices.

The Racer features the fast and forward equipment found on the modern road bike.  It’s built with a lightweight drop bar and integrated brake/shifter levers, a complete Shimano Sora 3500 2×9 gear package and solid Avid BB7 disc brakes.  Solid wheels feature a 700x28c tire for fast rolling on smooth roads.

Pricing starts at ¥5400.  Upgrade to Tiagra 4700 (2×10) for an additional ¥1000, 105 5800 (2×11) for an additional ¥2000, or Ultegra 6800 (2×11) for an additional ¥3000.

The Romper features the comfortable amenities of a mountain bike.  It’s built with lightweight riser bars, a complete Shimano Deore 3×9 gear package and solid Avid BB7 disc brakes.  Solid wheels feature a 700x32c semi-treaded tire for smoother rolling on rough roads.

Price starts at ¥5200.  Upgrade to Deore XT 1×11, 2×11, or 3×11 for an additional ¥2500.

With either model you have the freedom to change a few select parts. Either choice is built around a frame with plenty of room for larger tires, fenders and a rear rack.  We have sizes suitable for anyone 155 – 190cm tall.

Looking for a better price?  Consider becoming a Natooke Gold Member for 20% off the total of your new bike!

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The Best Gift


As you may know we’ve been running some special discounts on a handful of items.  These discounts will only last until Friday the 20th!

As the year of the monkey comes to a close, we’d also like to extend additional discounts!

From now until we close for the holiday (February 27) we’ll be offering 10% off both our standard and gold memberships.

At ¥580, the gold membership includes: a complete tune-up, three additional check-ups, a member’s only T-shirt, 20% off the purchase of a bicycle, as well as 15% off any purchases within its duration.

At ¥360, the standard membership includes: a complete tune-up, two additional check-ups, a member’s only T-shirt and 15% off any purchases within its duration.

This is the perfect gift for any friend or family member that’s into riding bikes. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.30.30 PM

You Choose


Over the years we’ve constantly changed and added things to make our shop better and better.  This means new services, accessories and bikes.  But…

We’re keen to see what it is you want at our shop.  Is there something we’re missing that you’d like to find in our doors?  A brand, a product or a service?

Drop a comment and let us know what we can do better to help you this go around!

Friday Night Ride


This Friday we’re getting into a little mischief.  It’s the last ride of this year, the year of the monkey. We’ll be celebrating the arrival of spring in classic Natooke fashion: with music and bikes!

Don’t let the cold keep you from coming out.  Get out and enjoy the quiet streets as we approach the upcoming holiday.