Touring Bikes!


If you’ve never toured on a bicycle, then you don’t know what you’re missing.  Setting out on a multiple day trip by bike gives you a huge sense of freedom.  On the road there’s loads to see and little worry about.

We’ve carried LKLM products for a short while now and have to say they’ve got a variety of incredible touring bikes for a price that really can’t be beat! Read more

Entry Capone


These Capone Picciotto frames make for solid complete bikes.  Simple color schemes result in a stunning new bike.

We’ve a limited set of these frames still available.  Interested in putting together a good-looking bike on a budget?  Consider one of these.  Prices for a complete start at ¥2500 and up!  Stop in today to pick yours out. Read more

Saturday Ride Early Bird Price


This Saturday we’re working with Jing A to put on this awesome ride.  Anyone’s welcome to join us on this 35 kilometer round trip ride to Flower Town where we’ll stop for a nice set lunch and free flowing beer from Jing A.

Early bird pricing ended this past weekend but we decided to extend it for certain registrants.  If you’d like to get early bird pricing, here’s how!

1) Bring a friend.  If you and at least one other person register you are both eligible for early bird pricing.

2) Share the ride on your Moments or Weibo.  Repost the flyer for the ride, take a picture of your post and share it with us when you register to get early bird pricing.

3) Buy a bike at Natooke.  This is easily the most extreme option, but with the weather changing there’s never a better time to get a new ride.  Ask us about ongoing specials on new bikes! Read more

Stolen Bike (4)

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.41.07 PM

The police asked me to take the bike out into the courtyard, before locking us in, preventing anyone’s departure. All the while I had a firm grip on the bike. I had my bicycle, but it could easily slip away. I provided my proof of purchase, the serial number, and a copy of the police case for the stolen bike. I then flipped the bike over so that we could check the serial number.

We all instantly noticed that the last three numbers had been intentionally defaced. We checked the serial and everything matched otherwise. “Look, he can’t prove its his!”, the shop owner protested. The police looked up and gave him a funny look.

In the end the police sided with me. It was my bike. They returned to the reception area to begin some paper work. The police had no further interest in the sellers and they just made their way out. Originally I was told the bike would need to remain at the station for three days, but with a little extra paper work they were ready to release it.  They wouldn’t allow me any record of this situation.

Afterward my friend said that the way the police were talking with the sellers, it seemed as though they knew each other. The station was but 500 meters from all the those shops. It’s hard to say exactly how well, or how frequent a situation such as mine happens, but I’d imagine it’s not terribly unexpected. Read more

Kits Discounted!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.38.41 PM

We’ve got a lot of our Natooke “Retro” kits in stock in all sizes, men’s and women’s.  A kit includes both a pair of bib cycling shorts as well as the jersey.

Originally priced at ¥680 we’ll have them on sale through April for only ¥420.   Read more

Stolen Bike (3)

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.21.00 PM

Then I remembered Natooke had replaced the bottom bracket for me (the bearing that the pedals attach to). They had put a specific part into the frame, one that would not come standard with any Giant bike. As luck would have it, Natooke had back records of everything, including the labor ticket and the exact part written on it. The shop provided me a copy.  I figured that the purchase receipt, serial number, photos, and the installation receipt was proof enough the bike was mine. I just had to get my hands on it.

Miraculously, the seller messaged back to say he would be in Chengdu and would bring the bike. It was likely never in Mianyang, just that he’d see if he could get away with a quick sale and avoid any face-to-face.

So we made a plan to meet up lunchtime Monday. The seller suggested a hotel between Tianfu Square and Taisheng Road south subway station.  Read more

Friday Night Ride


It’s looking like we’ve gone straight from Spring and right into Summer!  This Friday the forecast looks warm and sunny, the perfect precursor for an awesome evening ride.

Come get lost in the crowd of riders.  Be sure to show up early for a refreshing drink and a lovely chat with friends!

Jing A Luncheon Ride


Join us April 22nd for a guided ride through quiet country roads to Flower town.  This ride will be extra awesome. There is a small fee that includes a complete set lunch at Yingyao Gourmet and beer from our friends at Jing A.

We will meet at Natooke at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, depart at 10:30 a.m. and arrive in Flower Town around 12:00 noon.  We will return to the shop late afternoon.

To join you must sign up in advance.  You can do so by stopping by the shop or reaching us on WeChat.  There are limited spots so do not wait!  Here’s everything you need to provide:

We need: 

1. Name and phone number.

2. Number of people you are registering.

3. Registrants fee paid in full at the time of registration. (If you register multiple people, each attendants fee must be paid in full). Read more

Stolen Bike (2)


4) Talk a little bit about what tools you used to find it.  How did you eventually find it?  What facilitated this and was there anyone who helped?

Despite having little hope of finding my bike, I still asked a Chinese friend to phone the police station once a week to check. I also started combing online forums and second-hand APPs, like Xian Yu.

I also paid a visit to an area in Jiuyanqiao, a market notorious for selling stolen bikes, with a friend to see if I could find my bike. This was quite an experience! I had imagined a huge, open market with thousands of bikes that I could roam through looking for my large green bike. Instead, it’s a group of rundown old apartment complexes.  Little old ladies lead you down small alleyways to dimly-lit rooms where they stow away dozens of stolen bikes. If there’s nothing to your liking, they call a neighbor who guides you to their home, their stash. And so the search keeps repeating.

Sadly, nothing turned up. I started making plans to buy/build a new bike and began researching my options. Before my bike was stolen I had planned to get a new ride: Something different, maybe a fixie, maybe a road bike, maybe a touring bike. So now I had to hurry up the process. Read more

Chengdu Corridor


Since last year’s launch of several bike shares and their increasing popularity in Chengdu, a low-carbon lifestyle has gotten more and more attention. As bikes come back into our daily lives, so do many of the problems of sharing the road. Cars and bikes mixing on the road has its own set of stresses. Sometimes there are neither clearly marked bike passageways, or protective dividers between cars and bikes. You have to constantly watch your back at any moment to avoid getting rear-ended.

But there’s good news! On March 28th Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau revealed that the city will develop a comprehensive citywide “slow traffic system”, which includes building a 798 km long bicycle pathway in addition to a 2325 km bicycle corridor that will isolating non-motorized traffic from traffic. Read more