Better Events


As we start seeing longer days and more sunshine, we intend to up the number of events we’ve got each month.  Not only do we want to do more events, but we are looking to improve the variety and see to hosting them at times that works best for everyone.

This is where you come in.  Our rides, workshops and races are only so fun as the people who attend.  We figured it’s best to just ask you what kind of activities you’re interested in.   Read more

Spring Clean Weekend


Stop in this Saturday and Sunday, March 25-26.  We’ll have a couple awesome things going on.

For one, we’re looking to make room in the shop and this means we’ve got a bunch of complete bikes and parts that must go.  Interested in getting a new ride on a budget?  Stop in and see what we’ve got that will work.  Some completes are marked 40% off their original price! Read more

Budget Bikes

Big sale

Over the last weekend of March we’ll be hosting a Spring Clean within the shop. Not only are we moving things around and making more room, but we’re also looking to move a lot of older stock.

This means you can anticipate getting incredible deals on complete bikes. We’ll have brand new complete bicycles available for anywhere between ¥1000 and ¥2000.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks for more specifics as we get some of these new bikes built up. If you’re really curious, feel free to stop in beforehand and get a lay of the land.

But don’t say you weren’t warned: these bikes will go quick and this is likely the last opportunity to pick up a new ride for as much as 75% off it’s original cost! Read more

FNR Paint It Green

timg (5)

This Friday we’re celebrating for a few special reasons. Join us for this special ride and beat the gloom. Get out and ride!

In addition to ride as usual, we’re requesting folks wear anything green! We’re hoping to have a mob of people in green cruising the streets.

We’ll wrap up the ride at Dave’s Oasis where riders will be offered specials on food and drink. Ride, hang out and kick your weekend off right!

As usual we’re looking for anyone who’s interested in helping run the show. If you’d like to be behind the scenes and help the Natooke team make the FNR happen, please send us a message and we can go from there! Read more

Tighten, Lube & Pump


From time to time we like to host mechanics workshops where you can learn a thing or two about how to keep your biking running smooth.  Having done it a few times, we’ve also got a pretty good handle on the three easiest things to keep your bike running right.  Most simply, there’s three things to check.

1)   Tighten everything up.  Make sure nothing is loose on your bike.  Usually to do this all you need is a set of hexagonal wrenches.  Pick up a bicycle mutli-tool and you’ll have everything covered. Make sure the nuts and bolts on your bike are tightened up nicely.  If you hear any rattling or groaning that means that likely something’s loose.  Don’t expect these sounds to just go away!  If you can’t figure it out take it to a pro.

2)   Lubricate any moving part.  Bikes are pretty simple but it has a lot of little moving parts.  Pick up a basic bottle of bicycle lubricant (don’t use any old oil or grease) and use it on any bit that isn’t stationary: your chain, derailleurs, brakes, and even inside the housing of your bikes cables!  Lube insures everything moves smoothly and can make a bike that feels sluggish and rough ride easy and quiet.

3)   Pump your tires regularly.  A pump is an awesome investment.  Despite popular belief, rubber is in fact porous!  This means that your tubes will gradually leak air over time.  Making the effort to check your tire pressure regularly serves several benefits.  It will give you maximum grip on the road.  It will protect you from damaging your bike or more easily getting a flat.  Most importantly a tire with proper pressure will make your bike ride much more effortlessly!

If you’ve got any more questions.  That’s what we’re here for.  Stop by the shop and ask us what you need to take care of your bike.  With the right tools and a little know-how you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle down the line if you just take the time to figure out the basics and keep up with maintaining your bike! Read more

Big Ride on 3/17

timg (4)

It’s only for special occasion that we get on the horn early for the Friday Night Ride, but next Friday is going to be especially fun.

We’ll announce the specifics next week, but mark your calendars now and be certain not to miss out because the FNR Green Theme is going to be a spectacular mash-up of good fun. Read more

We Fix Everything


We love taking care of bikes. See, a bike is something that if you give it regular maintenance and make sure to keep it running smooth will be sure to be useful forever.

A problem is that in modern consumer culture, the idea of fixing stuff is becoming stranger and stranger. For instance if you have a fancy bike, phone or car it’s easy to assume the average person doesn’t have the know-how to repair it. Besides, pushing the sale of a brand new thing is usually much easier.

But it’s not very sustainable. If you pay the price for something nice, you should be able to keep it around for a long time, right? That’s our motto. As bikes have gotten more and more complicated they often seem too high-tech to fix. This is not so.

Take for example a nice carbon frame. They ride great, but if you damage the frame it’s done for. Or is it? Well, carbon bicycle frames are actually repairable. Depending on the damage to a frame it can easily be a relatively quick fix. That frame you crashed out once that has a crack in the seat tube? We can fix it.

Depending on the damage to your carbon frame or part we’re happy to give you an idea of what it will cost to get it back to new. Generally, depending on the scope of the damage pricing starts at about ¥800 and goes up from there. Drop us a line and get a quote today! Read more

Friday Night Ride


The weather’s gradually getting nicer.  Flowers are popping open everywhere.  And lately it seems like the sun is making its appearance more regular.  As such we’re itching to ride more regularly so each FNR is a much welcome opportunity to do so.

Even more exciting, the laoban’s back in town.  Off of a fresh rotation back home to the States, Larry will be at the helm, steering the party through the streets.  Show up and celebrate with us! Read more

30% Off!

shop pics-1

We’ve got a wide selection of frames available that are well-suited for either single speed or internally geared builds.

From now through the first week of March we’ll be offering 30% off of select in-stock frame sets.  Frames suitable in size for anyone from 160cm to 180cm.

Looking to get your own bike and start exploring the city?  There couldn’t be a cheaper time to do it!  Now’s the time to get that new build on a budget.

Member’s Only

T 1

It’s best to take care of your bike regularly.  If you ride often, the more consistently you check over your bike and keep up with maintenance, the longer your equipment will last.

Here’s a few tips on things you can check often to keep your bike in prime condition:

1)  Pump your tires up.  It helps to check your tire pressure before each ride.  Making sure you’re not losing air or that your tires are fully pumped will making riding easier and less problematic.

2)  Check your brakes.  Make sure they’re grabbing your wheels effectively enough to stop you.

3)  Lube your chain.  Keeping your chain well-oiled will help your ride feel much smoother and effortless.

4)  Make sure all the nuts and bolts on your bike are good and tight.  Things loosen up over time which can put you in dangerous situations so make sure nothing on your bike is coming loose.

Most importantly, regular professional care of your bike will preserve its condition regularly.  Having your bike occasionally checked over and given a fine-tuning will make sure your bike rides like new indefinitely.

That’s why Natooke offers a membership service.  For a fee you not only get a rad member’s only t-shirt, but several check-ups over the course of the year-long membership.  Additionally you gain access to exclusive discounts on everything in the shop.

Don’t have a bike but thinking about taking the leap into bike life?  Upgrade to a gold membership and get 20% off the purchase of a complete bicycle.  That means if you buy a new bike, with the discount you can get the new bike and the membership for less than just the bike itself! Read more