Wednesday Workshop


Next week marks the first of our free workshops for anyone interested.  Starting at 6 p.m. next Wednesday, June 28 we’ll be hosting the first of a series running through Friday.

What to expect?  Beers and brakes.  We’ll go over all the details of the differences in types of brakes, mechanics, fixing them and give you our professional insight as to keep your bike stopping fast and smooth. Read more

Custom Paint


We do custom paint and it’s on point.  For years now we’ve searched for the perfect paint job.  Whether it was factory issue or done in town it’s always been a struggle to provide a high quality paint job, both durable and beautifully finished, that could be done in a timely fashion and at a fair price.

As they say, do it right or don’t do it at all.  Natooke is now offering custom paint jobs and resprays, done in town at a price that can’t be beat.  Is your bike looking a little beaten up?  Stop in and see what it takes to have it redone. Read more

Friday Night Ride


The first ride of the official summer season is upon us.  Despite the heat, this ride never fails to live up to the chill summer vibes Chengdu’s famous for.

Before this hot ride will be a pre-party with food from Good Good Mexican Grill.  This Friday, not only can you stop by early for an ice cold beer and to “warm up” for everyone’s favorite group ride, but you can grub on some of the city’s most authentic Mexican.  Either way, the trip will not be in vain! Read more

Discounted Bikes


These completes are hanging around, waiting for that special customer to walk in and ride them away.

And for the next couple weeks, they’re marked off an additional 15%!  Despite already being priced at a huge discount, you can get even larger savings if you stop by and pick one up today.  

Don’t see quite what you’re looking forward?  Piece together a custom complete and get 20% off the cost!

See which bike fits you below: Read more

Customer Appreciation Discounts


It’s June which means that starting this weekend we’re going to slash prices at the shop.  Why?  Because we love you guys.  I mean we really really love you.

Starting on the 17th here’s what to expect:

15% off in-stock complete bikes.

20% off built to order complete bikes.

15% off all parts and accessories. Read more

Customer Appreciation


June is here and that means one thing:  Customer Appreciation is coming to Natooke.  Now in it’s 5th year we’re bringing you the same great deals and activities you’ve come to expect.

Keep your eyes peeled next week as we start unrolling special deals for friends and members alike and launch a list of special events and workshops.

Curious what’s in store?  Shoot us a message or comment below! Read more

Party and Ride


As we’re sure you’re all aware, this Friday is much anticipated Blue Moon ride.  The perfect pairing of our beloved FNR and it’s cousin, the FMR (Full Moon Ride), we decided it best to celebrate the occasion and summer itself in a stunning fashion.

Show up early between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to party with us.  We’ll be taking over the space in front of the shop to have our own sausage fest.  Doggy Style will fire up it’s charcoal grill and cooking up a variety of fully loaded sausages from the back of a bike.  These dogs are something to die for! Get one for 30 or two for 50 RMB. Read more

Brooks Saddles


Brooks has been making leather goods since 1866.  That’s over 150 years of expertise in the craft of producing high quality products.  This is just part of the reason we’re a fan.

If you ever stop in Natooke, you’ll notice that most all of our personal bikes have got a Brooks saddle on it.  Why?  Because they’re the best, plain and simple. Read more

Custom Folding Bikes


Time and time again over the years we’ve had customers ask about different folding bike options.  There was nothing on the market of a quality, style and design that we could appreciate.

This just changed, however.  We happened to make friends with the folks behind Anemos.  These awesome little 20” folders are incredible. Read more

Friday Night Ride


Friday, May 26.  We’ll be at it again.  Long week?  No sweat.  The ride is the best way to unwind.  Not to mention this week we’ve got a couple surprises in store, including some special friend leading the ride and some tasty sausages for snacking on after! Read more