Zhuanghe Bike Race


This is a short video about Zhuanghe International Road Bike Race.Ines Participated into this race and she did a good job. You can see her riding her beautiful road bike wearing Natooke Jersey and Abus helmet at 3’13”.

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2014 Colourful Yunnan International Granfondo Cycling Festival



Ines participated into the 2014 Colourful Yunnan International Granfondo Cycling Festival with her road bike. This is the report of Chuxiong match.

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Christmas Wishes by Famous Cyclists and Bike Activists including Ines


Here is an article in the leading German Newspaper “Die Zeit”. It has a collection of “Christmas Wishes” of famous cyclists or bike activists including Ines Brunn.

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Ines in the Leading German Newspaper “Die Zeit”


This is a long article about Ines’ work in China to make bikes cool again and get Chinese people to re-consider to ride a bike.

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Natooke in the media


Ines from Natooke Beijing has been featured in documentaries shown in both Hong Kong and Mainland China and has been featured in an online video for Global People Magazine in China. Jake and Larry from Natooke Chengdu have been featured in a documentary shown in both Hong Kong and Mainland China taking a look into their fascinating view on life and cycling. Follow the following links to watch the documentaries

Global People Magazine

TV documentary Chic China – Beijing

TV documentary Chic China – Chengdu

Ines’ Interview Done by Global People Magazine

Ines Brunn: I want to change Beijing

Here is a very nice interview done by Global People Magazine. The Global People Ines Brunn enjoys her life in Beijing because of Chinese bicycle history. She really want to change Beijing and motivate more Chinese people riding and green commuting.

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How Fixed-Gear Bikes Made Cycling Cool in China


On December, 16 The Atlantic published an article featuring Natooke background and fixed gear bikes. Ines was interviewed… click here to know what she said!
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Ines’ Speech on Urban Bike Movement & Trick Performances!

Ines Trick Bike Performance in the German Embassy

China.com has just published an article regarding Ines’ speech about urban mobility and the bike industry in German and Chinese and her trick bike performance in the German Embassy.

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“Bike History” by Ines

Recently CyclingTime, bicycle website which provides all kinds of bicycle news, has opened a Fixed Gear column. Ines will write articles to popularize Fixed Gear. Her first article “Bike History” has been published yet. The article is only in Chinese and gives a detailed overview about history of bicycles.

bike history

Ines Bicycle Tricks


In this Chinese article you can find many pictures of Ines performances.

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