Bikes | Reviewed: Bamboo 29er!


Maybe you read the re-cap of our mountain bike race in Tibet.  You likely noticed this machine in some of the photos.  We wrote a full review of this bike.  Check it out over at the Source Cycles blog!  Photo credits, Tyler Bowa of Factory Five.

And yes.  This bike was a blast to ride.

Keep up with Natooke Chengdu.

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Natooke Chengdu’s got a lot of events coming up with the start of Summer.  Best way to keep up with it all?  WeChat!  Scan the above QR code to follow all the cool stuff we’ve got going on!

Bikes | Alex’s Retro Ride


Recently our buddy Alex got motivated to take on a healthier lifestyle.  He joined a gym and also decided now was the time to bring riding a bike into his daily life.  With a taste for the finer things, he sought our expertise.


See, Alex knows a simple fact.  You get what you pay for.  Despite not being a professional with bikes, he could see clearly the quality of bike and work at our shop.  So he pieced together a bike to match his style.  One he’s certain that will last a long time yet. And we think it’s handsome as hell!

Nice! | Butt Week


We’re excited to announce that Butt Week is upon us!  You heard us, Butt Week!  We think you ought to take good care of your posterior so we’ve got a 20% discount running on all saddle and seat accessories.  This includes all of our Brooks saddles, saddle treatment oil and saddle bags.  The deal only runs from Tuesday the 19th through Saturday the 23rd so be sure to get in quick or else you might miss out.  Treat your butt nice and pick up a better saddle!

Get Our Nice Colorful Seats for Free!!


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2 Handmade Bamboo Bikes from Natooke Chengdu


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Bikes|Bold New Bike

Our old friend Didi has been joining us for Natooke events for a couple years now. Last week she finally picked up her own custom bike. Bicycle is a great mode of transport and with colors this bold you can really stand out.


Didi picked a beautiful turqoise blue frame with red grips, chain and brake line as a detail. Add a couple purple touches and it’s really dazzling to the eyes.

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Custom on a Budget

In keeping with doing our best to make our customers happy we’ve expanded our selection of bikes to better meet all budgets.


Most everyone would love the opportunity to piece together their own bike to suit their style.  However, sometimes cost is a concern.  Fortunately, we understand what it means to be frugal!

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Two Pre-built Bikes for the New Year

 This colorful new bike is designed and built by the shop manager. He turned the horn bar upside down, giving this lovely bike a comfortable riding experience. What a cool style!


Don’t let the “clean” air fool you.


After last week’s “Airpocalypse” in which Chengdu saw the citywide API (Air Pollution Index) sitting above 400 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m), people’s attention is drawn to the fact that air quality here is not so hot.

Naturally, during bad air quality days as the only authorized retailer of Respro in town we got a lot of inquiries about our masks. Then the API dips back down to it’s normal winter range of 200 – 250 μg/m. At this point, something even stranger happens: people quit asking about our masks.

According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), low air quality areas that have an average 70 μg/m or more causes an estimated 3.7 million premature deaths annually. For 2015 Chengdu’s average was in excess of this figure at 99 μg/m according to government monitors. Even a reduction from the W.H.O. recommended limit of 70μg/m to 20μg/m would result in a 15% decrease in premature deaths.


Low air quality’s affects are nefarious. Due to the nature of the particulate floating around on bad air days, your body is susceptible in surprising ways. Contrary to common belief, the cardiovascular system is most compromised by low air quality resulting in the largest proportion of premature deaths. Poor air quality is also linked with chronic respiratory conditions including asthma, athlete’s asthma and pneumonia.

More frightening yet are the effects of sunshine on air quality. UV radiation has the unique ability to excite bad air, breaking up organic and inorganic PM10 and PM2.5 compounds resulting in the release of additional free radicals. These can exacerbate the issue of bad air quality despite the fact that a little blue sky makes the air seem cleaner.

As intimidating as air pollution may be, you can be proactive in working around it. There are plenty of methods that can work to improve the air quality in your immediate sphere and actively improve your quality of life.

  • Use air filters in your home and work spaces. The idea here is simple. Clean up the spaces you most often spend your time. The average person sleeps generally 8 hours a night. This is a large amount of time that can be spent breathing clean air. On the market are a number of air filters with prices ranging from a few hundred RMB to tens of thousands of RMB.

  • Heed API warnings. There are smartphone apps that regularly give updates on your area’s air quality. There are web sites that also do the same thing. If the air is nasty out, limit your time exercising in such environments and relax in a space where you know the air is clean.

  • If you’ve got to leave your sphere of clean air. Use a mask. We stand by Respro products as we’ve worked directly with the company to insure all our masks come with their highest rated filter.


Any more there are dozens of masks on the market that serve a number of uses. Respro is designed to fit comfortably, even during active exercise. Not to mention they’re lab-tested and surpassed requirements for N99 (American), P3 (European) and PM0.3 standards. Few other masks on the market can boast being tested as rigorously and oftentimes cheap alternatives will make bold claims only to the detriment of the user. It’s no fun having to wear a mask to live out your life, but if you’ve got to do it you might as well wear the right one.

We firmly believe that like the rainy weather, you can get around the bad air and live your life despite it. It takes a little extra preparation and precaution, but this is far more valuable than falling victim to circumstance. So please, in consideration of your health and well-being, don’t let the past few days’ “good” air fool you. Take the right steps to prevent the adverse effects of air pollution today.