Build a bike with pink and white parts – 20% off!


Looking for the perfect gift for the cycling enthusiast? Include them in our social rides by building them a bike! Natooke offers many different styles and ways for you to include white and pink in your custom bicycle. Come in and build a bike with only white and pink parts, and you will receive 20% off your order! Offer valid only this Saturday, July 23.

Slick New Whips.


The days can’t get any longer right now and our friends are taking advantage of that. How you ask? A new bike of course. Get out there and enjoy those extra hours of sunshine on a brand new bicycle. As you likely already know, our shop does full custom builds. No matter the type of bike, the style or its use we’ve got you covered.  Read more

Fly Your Colors!


Our newest kit has been super popular.  With fresh summer colors and a cool old-school vibe, it’s hard not to like the its look.  Not only is the kit good looking, but it has a number of incredible features that set it apart from your standard cycling attire.  Read more

Keep up with Natooke Chengdu.

Natooke weixin QR big

Natooke Chengdu’s got a lot of events coming up with the start of Summer.  Best way to keep up with it all?  WeChat!  Scan the above QR code to follow all the cool stuff we’ve got going on!

Bikes | Alex’s Retro Ride


Recently our buddy Alex got motivated to take on a healthier lifestyle.  He joined a gym and also decided now was the time to bring riding a bike into his daily life.  With a taste for the finer things, he sought our expertise.


See, Alex knows a simple fact.  You get what you pay for.  Despite not being a professional with bikes, he could see clearly the quality of bike and work at our shop.  So he pieced together a bike to match his style.  One he’s certain that will last a long time yet. And we think it’s handsome as hell!

Get Our Nice Colorful Seats for Free!!


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2 Handmade Bamboo Bikes from Natooke Chengdu


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Bikes|Bold New Bike

Our old friend Didi has been joining us for Natooke events for a couple years now. Last week she finally picked up her own custom bike. Bicycle is a great mode of transport and with colors this bold you can really stand out.


Didi picked a beautiful turqoise blue frame with red grips, chain and brake line as a detail. Add a couple purple touches and it’s really dazzling to the eyes.

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Custom on a Budget

In keeping with doing our best to make our customers happy we’ve expanded our selection of bikes to better meet all budgets.


Most everyone would love the opportunity to piece together their own bike to suit their style.  However, sometimes cost is a concern.  Fortunately, we understand what it means to be frugal!

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Two Pre-built Bikes for the New Year

 This colorful new bike is designed and built by the shop manager. He turned the horn bar upside down, giving this lovely bike a comfortable riding experience. What a cool style!