Bandanas, Scarves and Gloves Summer Sale

Bandanas, scarves and cycling gloves are available in a variety of different colours, in store for a very low price. Scarves and bandanas are only 10 RMB and gloves have been reduced from 90 RMB to 45 RMB! Keep yourselves safe and stylish this summer.

Fendor-Bendor Summer Sale


Looking for a way to protect your clothing from mud on those rainy Beijing days (see below)? Our shop offers Fendor-Bendors in a variety of styles! This weekend, the solid white Fendor-Bendors are on sale for 50RMB, reduced from 150RMB.13691187_1235146399852754_2868106279589571067_o

Build a bike with pink and white parts – 20% off!


Looking for the perfect gift for the cycling enthusiast? Include them in our social rides by building them a bike! Natooke offers many different styles and ways for you to include white and pink in your custom bicycle. Come in and build a bike with only white and pink parts, and you will receive 20% off your order! Offer valid only this Saturday, July 23.

This Week’s Riding Essentials

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.24.25 PM

These products are a great way to kick of the cycling week and are highly recommended from our team at Natooke.

  • T-level backpack – 790RMB
  • Helmet – 860RMB
  • Bell – 50RMB
  • Drink bottle holder – 58RMB
  • T-shirt – 99RMB
  • Chain lock – 299RMB
  • Fender bender -180RMB
  • Camera bag – 529RMB
  • Saddle – 203 RMB

New Bike Options


We just got in an extraordinary order of new frames.  With it this means we’ve got a fresh selection of colors, sizes and this time round, styles of bike frames.  Which may leave you wondering, what kind of frames did you get in anyway? Read more

What’s in Store this Weekend?

Head in and see the team at Natooke this weekend and grab yourself some fantastic buys. With a range of pre made bikes you will be ready to hit the roads this weekend. With hot weather predicted don’t forget to come in and see the team in store to buy your drink bottle holder, we will even do the installation for you!

Hand-crafted Bamboo Bike - 10895 RMB

Hand-crafted Bamboo Bike – 10895 RMB

Read more

Slick New Whips.


The days can’t get any longer right now and our friends are taking advantage of that. How you ask? A new bike of course. Get out there and enjoy those extra hours of sunshine on a brand new bicycle. As you likely already know, our shop does full custom builds. No matter the type of bike, the style or its use we’ve got you covered.  Read more

Cool Treats, Hot Trike.


Several months ago we made friends with the proprietor at Xian Cao Mi (仙草宓) an awesome chain of shops that make delicious Taiwanese treats. We chatted at length about bikes naturally. He was a big fan some of our previous projects including the beer trike we put together for Lazy Pug last summer. Being a big part of the food and beverage community here in Chengdu, he was hip to a number of other awesome little shops looking to get into vending by trike.  Read more

Asahi Social!


We like to think of our shop as the hub of community activity.  Not only is it a great place to come for bikes, service or picking up new parts, but we also take a great deal of pride in creating a space for our friends to share.  Outside of being big fans of bikes, we’re also big fans of good beer.  That’s why now we’re offering cold Asahi beer on-tap.  In the neighborhood and looking to quench your thirst?  Stop in and have a frosty brew and chat us up about bikes.  It’s a great one-two punch to round out your day. We’ll now be offering cold pints of Asahi for ¥30. Swing by for Happy Hour, Tuesday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., and get a pint for only ¥20!  You couldn’t ask for a refreshing beer at a better price!  Cheers to riding!

Fly Your Colors!


Our newest kit has been super popular.  With fresh summer colors and a cool old-school vibe, it’s hard not to like the its look.  Not only is the kit good looking, but it has a number of incredible features that set it apart from your standard cycling attire.  Read more