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We’re well on our way to summer but we’re still doing a little spring cleaning here at the shop.  This means we’ve come across some goodies we’re looking to let go for a good price.  Check out what’s on offer below and see if any of these deals strike your fancy. Read more

Chengdu Metro Media TV PRESENTS…


If you’ve found yourself in the subway getting away from the sweltering heat these past few days you may have notice something peculiar on the metro TV. Natooke Chengdu featuring our Source Cycles bamboo bicycle. Bamboo has been attracting lots of attention lately in global media for all of its amazing uses in architecture, crafts, fabrics, and more. We were paid a visit by Chengdu Metro Media to learn more about how great bamboo is as a bicycle frame material.

As the exclusive dealer of Source Cycles bamboo bicycles in Chengdu, we were happy to accommodate and share all that we could about benefits of bamboo bicycles. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, take the subway to Line 3’s Yiguanmiao Metro then mosey over to the shop. We’ll tell you all about the benefits of bamboo, how great it feels to ride a frame made of grass, and we’ll likely insist you test ride one. Read more

Bike In Movie


This coming Wednesday, August 17 we’ll be hosting this month’s movie night. August 17 also coincides with the Chinese Spirit Festival. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ll be showing “Spirited Away” from the esteemed director Hayao Miyazaki.

The story follows a sullen young girl as her family makes a move to the suburbs. Quickly it dives into a strange world of mystery, excitement and adventure as the young girl meets a whole array of new friends. A fantastic coming-of-age story, this visually luscious animated film shows that through hard work, compassion and friendship you can overcome any challenge.

Starting at 8 p.m. we’ll be showing the film at Natooke. Show up early to save a seat!

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Natooke: the German Local



Natooke is working on building professional nice bikes for customers in a reasonable price. Here is a nice video about how we customize.
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Ergeng- Natooke&Ines, Beijing City Cycling, Bike Polo…

640.webp (4)

This is a cool video clip by ErGeng TV. It turned out really nice. It includes some bike building at NATOOKE and some cycling in Beijing, some bike polo playing and Ines’ mission to get more people on bikes. Please watch the following video and some nice pictures taken on that day.
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CRI French: Natooke and Ines



Here is a video clip done by China Radio International with French about Natooke and Ines. You can watch the video after clicking on “read more”.
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Nice! | What’s an Alleycat?

You may have noticed we recently hosted the Books & Bikes alleycat. You may also have noticed that on 12/12 we’re hosting another Poker Alleycat.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.56.34 PM

So what is an alleycat? Alleycats have their origin in bike messenger races. But you don’t have to be a super fast messenger to race. Watch the video to see from a racer’s perspective.

Alleycat video

How it works is pretty straightforward. Moments before the race, all of the riders are provided a map or a list of checkpoints. They’re then responsible for creating their own route and visiting each checkpoint.

This makes the competition more fair. It’s not just about the fastest person, but sometimes the smartest. In the case with our upcoming Poker Alleycat, luck will also play an important role.

If you’ve never tried one we highly recommend it. Alleycats are an awesome way to meet new friends and explore the city. Fun is the objective.

See Natooke BJ on Beijing TV


Beijing TV did a report about interesting shops in the famous Beijing Wudaoying hutong. Of course NATOOKE was one of them and the feature about us is 10 minutes long.  You can watch the video after clicking on “read more”.
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We Are Natooke – The Video

Giving a little bit of detail into the world behind the bike shop and how we get things done. Natooke doesn’t muck around with tradition but adds its own touch to make each bicycle beautiful and unique.

Angle on the Wheel

On @CCTVNews, watch My China’s profile of Ines – founder of @NATOOKE and heroine of Beijing’s cyclists! Find out more about her life and love for bicycles, and watch the clip below!