Around China: A German woman’s bicycle dream

This is an article published on August 31 by Xinhua. It is an interview with Ines Brunn who talks about fixed gear bikes. Read it!

BEIJING, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — For many Beijing residents, bicycles are simply tools for daily transportation. But for Ines Brunn, a German woman who has spent almost a decade in the Chinese capital, bicycles are the bond connecting her to China.

In a widespread online video, the blonde does a handstand on a bike seat and stands on the handlebars for several seconds.

With both physical strength and artistic elegance, her amazing skills impress the audience, earning her the nickname “The Bicycle Queen” among fans.
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Dragonair Article About NATOOKE

Natooke shop_副本

Here you can find an article published by Dragonair regarding NATOOKE!!

The article is only in Chinese and talks about our shop.

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Stunt Gymnast Ines Brunn promotes Fixed Gear Cycling in China’s Capitol

chinacycle体操特技单速车手伊泉 洋娃娃京城推广单车运动(图文)





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“Fixed Gear Bikes Make Life Better” Interview with Ines Brunn

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Ines Brunn at Beijing Bicycle Festival 2012

Watch the amazing finale of Ines Brunn’s performance at the 2012 Beijing Bike Festival.
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Natooke Fixed Gear Bike & Juggling Shop

Ines-Shop-300x225Nestled down in Beijing’s Wudaoying Hutong, not far from the Lama Temple and the Temple of Confucius, is China’s first juggling shop and fixed gear bike shop, Natooke. Founded in 2009 by Ines Brunn and Federico Moro, this shop offers both locals and travelers juggling props and custom made fixed gear bicycles. Ines began her performing career in Germany as an artistic fixed gear bike acrobat. Read more

Social Mobility

social mobility 1 social mobility 2

Indoor stationary bike races help pass the time until spring comes. Photos: Courtesy of Shannon Bufton

Bikers are cool, but actually riding a bicycle takes more energy or motivation than some of us have.  But luckily, winter is a prime time to infiltrate the biking community and meet those fit, fun and athletic people without having to mount a saddle.

Winter biking activities are a gateway into fun events, socializing and progressive ideas, so take advantage of the sub-zero temperature to warm up to the biking niche without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s visiting multifunctional bike venues like Serk or Natooke or participating in indoor events, get the social wheels rolling without chilly pedals testing your mettle.
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Chengdu Living: “Alleycat” Street Race Catalyzes Chengdu’s Cyclists

121105 Chengdu Living

The Natooke Bicycle Shop hosted Chengdu’s first “Alleycat” street race this last Saturday, and it was a historic event that drew together hundreds of members of the city’s burgeoning bicycle sub-culture under the Natooke banner.

In case you aren’t familiar with an alleycat (as I wasn’t), it is an informal, urban bicycle street race that demands quick thinking and knowledge of the streets as much as a heavy pedal. Birthed from the bicycle messenger culture of cities like Toronto and New York City, alleycat races can attract hundreds of cyclists who race between checkpoints, often on fixed gear bicycles. But by most accounts alleycat races aren’t just about being the fastest: there’s emphasis on ad-lib fun and debauchery.

“It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt” says co-organizer Jacob Klink. “The points are not revealed until just before the race. It’s not just a test of speed and fitness, but also someone’s wits and their ability to navigate the city.”

This event wasn’t just an alleycat street race. Nicknamed “Zombiecat”, this was a halloween party on wheels, roving across Chengdu in waves of cyclists.
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Fix up, Look Sharp: Where to get Fixed Bikes in Beijing

Fix up look sharpWith their minimalist, elegant frames and endless customizability, the popularity of fixed gear bikes (often known as fixie bikes) has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in urban areas. True to their name, fixed gear bikes have no freewheel, meaning that they cannot coast and the pedals are constantly moving when the bike is in motion. The rider can slow the bike without the aid of additional brakes by resisting the motion of the pedals. This makes for a completely different experience from riding a normal bike; people either love it or hate it.
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Time Out Beijing: Natooke Bikes and Juggling

120918 Time Out Beijing

A discription of Natooke is featured in this post at the Time Out Beijing website.

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