Maintenance Workshop


This past June as part of our customer appreciation specials we offered a special maintenance workshop in which we covered the basics on how to keep your bike rolling smooth.  Since then we’ve had a number of people follow up asking when the next workshop is going to be. Read more

Friday Night Ride



Friday. Night. Ride. Let the words play again in your head. Friday. Night. Ride. Easily one of Chengdu’s most unique and exciting activities, the FNR does not fail to uphold it’s reputation for bringing unequivocal joy to participants and hapless bystanders alike. With a throng of awesome people to chat with and explore the streets with tasteful musical accompaniment, it’s no wonder the FNR is increasingly off the hook. Get out and have fun. Friday, 8 p.m.

Bike in Movie


This week we’ll be watching“Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”. The story follow’s Pee-wee, an eccentric man who one day finds his beloved bicycle has been stolen in broad daylight. He then decides to undertake an epic cross-country adventure to track down and retrieve his stolen bicycle.
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What To Do In An Accident


Maybe you’ve been there or maybe not.  You could be the lucky type who’s managed to find your way down life’s roads without any major crash, wreck or notable incident.  But anyone who’s ridden long enough knows that no matter what precautions you take, what type of bike you ride, or how safe you think you may be, you’re going to have an accident.

We’re not saying this to be alarmist nor is this meant to say we think you’re not a smart cyclist.  Rather we’d like to remind you that on the streets there’s plenty of things over which you have no control.  And sometimes that includes getting hit.  Having been there we figured we’d share our experience on what to do in the event you find yourself in an accident.

We always encourage taking all the necessary safety precautions before and during a ride.  This includes checking your brakes, the air pressure in your tires, and lubing and inspecting your chain.  Here is the step-by-step of what to do if you or someone you’re riding with is involved in a serious accident.

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Friday Night Ride


The FNR is easily the most asked after event.  Now that we’ve been answering the question for over a week we’re more than happy to announce the fact that this Friday, July 15th we’ll be back at it.  Seems like we’re swimming constantly with all these monsoon rain storms but this week is looking like it ought to dry out and make for a real good time as we roam the city streets.  Good vibes, good people, good beer. How else would you spend Friday?  You know the drill, leaves at 8 p.m. so show up early! Read more

Slick New Whips.


The days can’t get any longer right now and our friends are taking advantage of that. How you ask? A new bike of course. Get out there and enjoy those extra hours of sunshine on a brand new bicycle. As you likely already know, our shop does full custom builds. No matter the type of bike, the style or its use we’ve got you covered.  Read more

The End is Nigh!

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re going full tilt with our June customer appreciation specials.  In addition to an extra special “Last Friday Night Ride Ever” this past week, a maintenance workshop the following day and a sprucing up around the shop, we’ve been offering some incredible deals on all merchandise in the shop.  Complete bikes, whether custom built or off-the-shelf, are marked a full 20% off list.  That’s an insane deal!  Outside of sweet specials on completes, we’re offering everything else in the shop for 10% off. Bike accessories, parts, clothing, you name it.  Everything is marked off, even our extra awesome and professional repair services.  Got a question?  Shoot us a message or stop in to see what sweet new swag you can make off with today.  Don’t wait though.  These specials only last until this upcoming Sunday, June 12th!

Asahi Social!


We like to think of our shop as the hub of community activity.  Not only is it a great place to come for bikes, service or picking up new parts, but we also take a great deal of pride in creating a space for our friends to share.  Outside of being big fans of bikes, we’re also big fans of good beer.  That’s why now we’re offering cold Asahi beer on-tap.  In the neighborhood and looking to quench your thirst?  Stop in and have a frosty brew and chat us up about bikes.  It’s a great one-two punch to round out your day. We’ll now be offering cold pints of Asahi for ¥30. Swing by for Happy Hour, Tuesday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., and get a pint for only ¥20!  You couldn’t ask for a refreshing beer at a better price!  Cheers to riding!

Why we do the FNR.


Easily one of our most popular events is a bi-weekly night ride.  It’s slow and accessible for all types of riders.  We’ll utilize our cargo bike, converting it into a mobile stereo complete with self-contained 800W speaker system.  It’s insanely loud. Enough so to render the rider isolated, unable to hold a conversation with the throng of riders around.

We’ve hosted this particular ride, without fail for over three years now, rain or shine.  Lately we’ve used it as a tool for collaboration.  Through it we’re able to offer our friends and community the chance to explore new places in the city all the while supporting other businesses in town.  This is beside the primary fact that this ride is good, old-fashioned fun.  Read more

Nice! | Customer Appreciation is Coming!


For its third year and running, we’re getting geared up for our shop’s customer appreciation event.  Starting June 1st and lasting until June 12th, we’ll be hosting several special events in thanks of our customers and our community.

This also means we’ll have great deals on complete bikes and everything else.  Look forward to 20% off on all complete bikes, pre-built or custom.  Everything else in the store will be 10% off, including our awesome maintenance services. Read more