We Crazy


Our summer end clearance is a great way to bag a good deal.  For a few bikes though we were thinking let’s really make them move.

These rides are old stock we just can’t seem to find a happy new home for and frankly we would love for someone to get them out on the road.  See one you like?  Snap it up before someone else. Read more

Summer End Clearance


Over the past couple years our shop has accumulated a lot of bike stuff.  All kinds of bike stuff.  The best bike stuff!  Problem is, we’re hoping to make a little room in the shop.

So we’re offering a number of new completes at an awesome discount.  The best discount!  So do yourself a favor and check out the below machines and see which one suits you.  We guarantee there’s no conceivable way to get a better deal on a new bike of similar quality.  It’s the Natooke promise.

Be sure to hurry because these won’t last. Read more

End of Summer Sale


These completes have been hanging around for a for a while and we want to clean house and make space for the next fleet.  We’re doing something crazy and stacking discounts all the complete bikes we have in stock.

You read that right… STACKING DISCOUNTS.  This week only we’re taking an additional 40% off already discounted bikes.  They’re just waiting for that special customer to walk in and ride them away.

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for?  Piece together a custom complete and get 20% off the cost!  Help us by sharing this with your friends or anyone you might know looking for a nice new set of wheels!!

See which bike fits you below: Read more

Friday Night Ride


Two weeks seem to have come and happy to announce that in fact, yes, this week there is a Friday Night Ride.  Don’t miss out on your choice to join in on what’s likely the coolest tour of town.As usual, expect to chat with some solid people and listen to the music.  Swing by before 8:00 p.m. and enjoy happy hour, 2 pints of Asahi for ¥30.  Read more

8/8-8/18 Apparel Sale


Come by this week and pick up some Natooke swag on sale.  We’re trying to clear our shelves to make room for some interesting stuff we’re cooking up in the coming weeks.  Check out these super discounts on great quality Natooke apparel. Read more

Transcontinental Race 2017

TCR05 ultra-endurance cycling

image credit: PEdAL ED

Now that the Tour de France (TDF) is over, the ultra-endurance cycling world is getting going on a its second major event of the summer.  After the Trans American Bike Race earlier in June, a race, coast to coast across the USA, we’re ready for the next one. Touted as one of the toughest ultra-endurance races in the world, this year’s fifth annual Transcontinental Race (TCR for short), put on by PEdAL ED, just started from Geraardsbergen,  Belgium on Friday July 28th, 10pm, heading to Meteora in central Greece as fast as the riders can make it.  By the time this is published the riders will already be about halfway done with a 3,200 – 4,200km, multi-day time trial.  That’s right… time trial. Read more

Friday Night Ride


If you move around too much in this oppressive summer heat you’re bound to work up at least a little bit of a sweat.  We’re so concerned about keeping you properly hydrated we’re doing something special this week.  This week we’re partnering with CHEERS who opened a new location recently in Tongzilin.  They’ll be offering VIP prices for everybody (10% discount of regular price), free VIP sign up, and wine by the glass for more special prices. Read more

Carbon Fiber Frame Repair and Refinish

2017_Giant_carbon_seatstay_repair_before_06 am

Many carbon fiber bicycle and parts manufacturers claim that their frames or parts can’t and shouldn’t be repaired if damaged.  While they all offer warranties against manufacturer defects, the damage to frames sent to them are usually declared as unequivocally the rider’s fault.  Their recommendation: “Just buy another frame/part from us.  You wouldn’t want to risk it breaking again while riding.” Yada Yada Yada. Read more

Say ‘Speedhub’ Five Times Really Fast

panis 1

Writing about a custom build for any one of our great supporters is always enjoyable.  Through the features of a frame and array of components chosen we get to feature an ardent cyclist and some of the highlights of their journey to get a great custom bike for themselves.  Not only is this just one of those occasions, its even a bit special for us too. Read more

Some TDF Trivia


The 104th Tour de France is well underway and now about to enter its final stages.  This week the riders have had the second of two rest days and will be completing the last stage (#21) on Sunday July 23rd .

A key tradition of the tour are the coveted jerseys that riders get to wear throughout the race, signifying the leaders in various categories.  Over the years the jerseys and categories have evolved a bit but we thought it relevant to know some history behind the most important three jerseys. Read more