FNR September 7


Our favorite season in Chengdu is right around the corner.  What better way to mark the transition than a group night ride around the city and some good times with friends and strangers all with an affection for bikes.  Oh, and there will be beer too!  This month we’re partnering with a newly opened mircrobrewery in Yulin to serve as our start and finish location.  8-9 O’clock German Beer Workshop (八九点德啤工坊) brews 4 types of beer and offers it at insanely fair prices.  Somewhat unique to Chengdu is that the offer it by the bottle or bag in 1, 2, or 3 litre volumes.

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Talented Patron Profile: Eva Liu


Our friend Eva Liu surprised us the past Friday Night Ride with a special present.  She is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who clearly has a passion for what she does.

Having been a regular participant in countless FNRs over the years she really has a keen sense of what Natooke Chengdu is all about and that the proprietors, Larry and Jacob, love functional and not-so functional bamboo bikes they’ve made. Read more

Friday Night Ride


Time flies when you’re desperately waiting for the next FNR. Well, at least it does for us. Fortunately we’ve had plenty of rain this past week so it’s helped keep things from getting too hot and sticky. This means perfect riding weather! Join us as we sweep the streets with a group of over 50 riding buddies.


Slick New Whips.


The days can’t get any longer right now and our friends are taking advantage of that. How you ask? A new bike of course. Get out there and enjoy those extra hours of sunshine on a brand new bicycle. As you likely already know, our shop does full custom builds. No matter the type of bike, the style or its use we’ve got you covered.  Read more

Best. Summer. Ever.


While it may be heating up outside, we’re doing everything in our power to keep things cool around the shop. Cool specials, cool events, cool rides and cool projects are always going on within our doors. In fact we’ve got a pretty strong commitment to doing nothing but the coolest thing on the block and we hope we can share that with you.  Read more

Cool Treats, Hot Trike.


Several months ago we made friends with the proprietor at Xian Cao Mi (仙草宓) an awesome chain of shops that make delicious Taiwanese treats. We chatted at length about bikes naturally. He was a big fan some of our previous projects including the beer trike we put together for Lazy Pug last summer. Being a big part of the food and beverage community here in Chengdu, he was hip to a number of other awesome little shops looking to get into vending by trike.  Read more

Friday Night Ride.


It’s hard to believe but two weeks have already come and gone.  That means the next Friday Night Ride is coming up.  Now that the summer season is here and the weather is lovely, we’ll be expecting 50+ riders to join in for tunes, friends and a slow sweep of Chengdu’s streets. 
Here are a few details as to what to expect: 

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Enhance Your Ride.


There’s a number of things you can do to improve the experience of riding, but nothing is more effective than setting a goal.  We’re not talking purely in fitness terms, but having a clear idea of what motivates you to ride can hugely impact the way you bring riding your bicycle into your everyday life.
Maybe you want to cycle to work at least 3 days a week.  It could be that you’ve set a goal to ride a certain amount each week.  Or it may just be that you are interested in finding a new place each time you go out and explore the world by bike.  Either way, a goal like any of these is a super practical way to enhance your experience on the road.  It tends to take the mundane feeling out of hopping on the old bicycle and setting out time and time again. 

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The End is Nigh!

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re going full tilt with our June customer appreciation specials.  In addition to an extra special “Last Friday Night Ride Ever” this past week, a maintenance workshop the following day and a sprucing up around the shop, we’ve been offering some incredible deals on all merchandise in the shop.  Complete bikes, whether custom built or off-the-shelf, are marked a full 20% off list.  That’s an insane deal!  Outside of sweet specials on completes, we’re offering everything else in the shop for 10% off. Bike accessories, parts, clothing, you name it.  Everything is marked off, even our extra awesome and professional repair services.  Got a question?  Shoot us a message or stop in to see what sweet new swag you can make off with today.  Don’t wait though.  These specials only last until this upcoming Sunday, June 12th!

Asahi Social!


We like to think of our shop as the hub of community activity.  Not only is it a great place to come for bikes, service or picking up new parts, but we also take a great deal of pride in creating a space for our friends to share.  Outside of being big fans of bikes, we’re also big fans of good beer.  That’s why now we’re offering cold Asahi beer on-tap.  In the neighborhood and looking to quench your thirst?  Stop in and have a frosty brew and chat us up about bikes.  It’s a great one-two punch to round out your day. We’ll now be offering cold pints of Asahi for ¥30. Swing by for Happy Hour, Tuesday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., and get a pint for only ¥20!  You couldn’t ask for a refreshing beer at a better price!  Cheers to riding!