Valentine’s Day Special: buy one bike and get a second half price!



Chinese Valentine‘s Day is almost upon us but fear not because Natooke has you covered. With our buy one bike and get a second half price special offer on this weekend (Sat 6th- Sun 7th) don’t leave your loved ones disappointed on 9th August.

Not Like They Used To…


Bikes are like a lot of every day items. In the modern world most people don’t much care for fixing their own things. Most every article in your day-to-day life including clothing, home appliances, your car, your bicycle, whatever it may be are not designed to be readily repaired. Some manufacturers will even go out of their way to make it more difficult to make repairs on your own! Read more

New On the Streets


你或许已经看到过我们店新到的一些车架的照片。我们已等不及让人来配车怎么破?所以我们决使用新车架配好整车先。 Read more