100% Custom

Some projects take time, but the end result is unbelievable.  The proud new owner of this ride is a designer.  Knowing he’d be able to choose every last detail on his bike meant he took his time.

After going back and forth on several basic concepts, we finally found the one.  It then went through another round of sketches and mock-ups before being sent off to paint.

With a few paint details that reflect his business, a tongue-in-cheek reference to his namesake, and a clean aesthetic that exemplifies his sharp design sense, this bike has a lot to say to anyone who is caught looking at it.  Just don’t forget to pick your jaw up off the floor!

Built up with nothing but the highest quality parts, this rig will pull its rider along like an excited dog on a leash.  And we always have a soft spot for sleek, ultra-light street beasts like this one!

100% Custom  100% Custom 100% Custom 100% Custom  100% Custom
100% Custom100% Custom100% Custom100% Custom

Natooke New Products


最新Cinelli Mash Parallax车架
行货全国仅一台 现货。

Cinelli Vigorelli笑脸 车架接受预定

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Natooke New Products

Clean air for only 200RMB?

Yes, our new DIY Kits, which combined with a basic household fan, HEPA filter, and a strap, is all you need to remove 92% of the PM 2.5 and 84% of the PM.5 in your room after 2-3 hours.

We were kind of surprised too!

This new cheap and functional product is now available at our shop! Come to Natooke store to discover how useful Smart Air filters (DIY kits) can be!

Natooke New Products

There are some good new bike parts in the shop. Hign end bike saddles, handlebars, new hubs, grips, bells etc.

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Natooke New Products

We have received some new high end parts including the famous Japan Keirin racing Kashimax FIVEGOLD saddle in a nice black leather which of course has the official NJS approval stamp. We have matching NJS approved IZUMI chain (gold/black), as well as NITTO NSJ approved quill stem. We also have the cool looking SHIMANO chain in silver/black, DID chains, the golden EURO-ASIA cog, LOOK Keo clipless pedals as well as the drop bar classic brake levers.

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ORCO CICLI: Customized Handmade Steel Bikes

ORCO CICLI – bespoke hand made steel bikes – 手工工艺钢架定制自行车-


Orco Cicli was officially founded in Milan in January 2010 and is based in a small workshop in Via Pastrengo 7, in the historic area of Milan called Isola.The company is young, but the founders, Adriano Maccarana and Giò Pozzo, have more than ten years of experience in this field and prior to starting their own company have devoted years to the design of prototypes that are now models of Orco Cicli, all designed to continue the historic tradition of Italian handicraft production of high quality bicycles.
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Natooke New Products

This new Carbon domestic frame, includes bike frame, handle bar, seat post and front fork. It is light but strong. The design of this frame angle is based on treck bikes but improves slightly in order to make it more flexible and convenient.

It was just this carbon frame that helped Luke won the first place of the FGO Criterium.

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Natooke Summer DISCOUNTS Period of Validity: 2013/08/01 – 2013/08/31


The crazy summer sale continues in August. But we changed the discount products in order to give you more choices.
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Natooke new products

The popular Respro mask company has designed a new product. This new high end sports mask with special valves is packaged in a smart hard case. It is perfect for the people that cycle to work or run in the city as well as do sports outside in the mountains or countryside because the package comes with 2 different filters. One that protects from all the fine particles which are just almost everywhere in China like the PM2.5 and below. The other additionally protects you from the air pollution from car exhaust which is mainly found in the cities. We currently have two colors: black and white in stock, both have a sporty looking design on it. It is definitely the best choice no matter you buy it for yourself or give it to others as gifts.
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New Cranks

New Product: Our brand new Flying Banana crank set with modern hollow bottom bracket (without axle). Chain ring specifications: 48T, crank arm length 170 mm, silver high polished CP colour. This is a great crank for the rider that wants to go fast and ride long. Retail price is: 500RMB. Already in our retail shops and Taobao shops. Waiting to be snapped up.

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